Everybody has a story!

Mom and Grandma have stories to tell. Assist them in capturing their story in pictures and captions! Work with Dad, too!

Or...create your own!

Step-by-step system to create and produce your life story in 6 Easy Steps!​​

Join our Community. Your finished book in as little as ONE MONTH!

Capture your unique story in a gorgeous hardcover book that

your family will enjoy for generations to come. 

I wrote my selfie and I share it with you here. Click through to read my story.

Meet Connie

Grandmapreneur and Writing Coach

Hi. I'm a retired writing teacher and am now helping fellow BabyBoomers write their story to pass on to children and grandchildren. 

Now is a perfect time to gather photos and memories...while we are staying at home!

  • Preserve Your Memories

  • Feel Connected To Family

  • Learn About Your Relatives

Record your family history!

All grown-ups were once children. With each step of the memoir-writing process, you will leave your legacy to children, grandchildren, and future generations. 


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